A little about me…

Paul Norman

A Freelance Web Designer,
Developer & Wordpress Specialist.

Paul Norman

An introduction

I’m Paul, I live in Swansea, South Wales, UK. I have been working professionally as a web designer & developer for over 10 years and made my very first website 14 years ago. What started off as a hobby has grown into my passion and profession.

I am happiest when I am designing, whether it's planning a layout on paper or sitting in front of a screen moving pixels. I am also thankful that I am able to do what I love for a living from home, close to my children and my family.

What I do

I specialise in creating websites for great individuals and businesses, helping them to market their product or services successfully on the web. For this reason I tend to work on small to medium sized websites, but I can provide design services for more complex sites or applications.

I aim to have a relationship with my clients where I can show a value to their business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work which makes a difference. I will always recommend a solution I think will work best for the business.

I also collaborate with agencies and other web professionals on larger projects.

Days a year
Days a week
Months of fun
Sunny weeks

website designs based on your business

They're designed specifically for you and only you. A typical project goes a little something like this...

Step 1 - Planning the project

After I know more about your business, your ethos, your customers and what kind of content is going in your website, this is where I plan the project by creating a sitemap, layout and perhaps even a prototype. The layout is designed purely for your visitors and how they will use the website and the content. I can use this along with the prototype to test for any usability issues.

Step 2 - Applying the designs

Now there's a structure to the site and a finalised layout, I can start making it look beautiful as well as applying designs which emphasise the key areas of your site. I understand the importance of brand consistency and so I will make sure that the site design goes hand in hand with your visual brand.

Step 3 - Build the website

All this preparation means I can now swiftly build the site using the latest technology and techniques to ensure your new website is as efficient as possible. The admin area of your site is built specifically for how you’re going to use it, so you can edit your site with only a few clicks. Before the site goes live I vigorously test it and check it's compatible with all the main browsers.

Step 4 - Return and analyse

So the site's now live and working just as you wanted. Job done? Well, not for me, I let the site settle for a while and then return and analyse what's working, what's not, how your users are interacting with it and how it's placing in search results. This helps you get the most from your website and makes sure it's providing you with returns on your investment.

I will research your business and look at what you want to get out of the project. I can't build a website without doing this; it's crucial in making your website create revenue for your business and communicating to your visitors exactly what you're all about.

The Boss

Paul Norman, The Boss, Creatika

  • I contacted Paul via a search from google after a Freelancer had managed to damage part of my website. It was a Saturday afternoon, I was desperate for it to be sorted straight away. Most of my previous attempts to find freelancers, I found that they didn’t work at the weekend and were unable to help but Paul took my call and said no problem. What was impressive was that although I could tell he was ‘out and about’ (as most of us are at the weekend) he went straight back to his office to discuss the problem with me further. He is clearly an enthusiastic self starter and competent in all areas of IT. Paul had to enter both my site and my hosting control panel and make sense of what had happened. Needless to say 3 hours later the problem was resolved and my site was back up and running straight away. His rates were reasonable and I am happy to have my contact details at the end of this review as a referral for his business. I will definitely be using him again.

    Paul Scourfield,
    Master Locksmith, Pick A Locksmith

  • When I first decided that I needed a website I had little idea what I was getting into. I quickly realised that putting together a website was a much more complicated process than I had ever imagined. Creatika came to my rescue; I was guided through the many complex decisions needed to build a multi page interactive website from the choice of colours through to how to improve my Google rankings. The website is now ranked number one in the world for several key search criteria and I have received dozens of compliments from the many people who have used the website. I have been very impressed at the service offered by Creatika and thanks to the great design work I am now generating an income from marketing on the website due its popularity. Thank you for everything!!!!!

    Linda Carter,
    beautician, LA Beauty

  • If you’re looking for a creative, hard working, efficient and innovative company to bring you a fantastic, reliable website, look no further than Creatika. Having worked with Paul for almost 11 years he is one of the most professional and competent web designers I have ever worked with. Paul's knowledge of forum software such as PHPBB is exceptional, as are his HTML and CSS skills. Paul has worked hard at keeping our customer support forum up to date, backed up and secure. Paul has also written custom scripts which have brought advanced functionality to our customer support forum, helped us move servers twice and in September 2011 Paul successfully integrated a custom bespoke design into our customer support forum. I would happily recommend Paul to anyone.

    Lee Rose,
    Founder & Technical Director, Voipfone

I Build Websites & Relationships to Last



Unlike many large design agencies, I offer you a personal as well as professional experience. Working closely with my clients enables me to ensure you get what you want, not just what looks good for my portfolio!


If you want a reasonably priced site, created by a great designer, who cares about your business as much as you, someone who will go over and above expectations to help, then congratulations, you've found him.


What I love about web design is the fact that it is not a static field, it is constantly growing and developing, meaning that every project is different, and every website is a chance to learn something new and develop my skills.